TOPIC: Fiber locations

Threads and yarns from Jeffrey MacDonald's torn pajama top were found in several locations at the crime scene.

The fiber location breakdown is as follows:

Master bedroom:

79 total fibers (60 threads and 19 yarns)
  • 22 pajama fibers found on the top sheet of the master bed
  • 6 pajama fibers found on top of the pillow
  • 24 pajama fibers found under Colette's body
  • 3 fibers found near the left corner of the footboard
  • 1 fiber found near the headboard
  • 23 fibers found on the floor near Colette's body

Kimberley's bedroom:

19 total fibers (14 threads and 5 yarns)
  • 14 threads found under Kimberley's bedcovers
  • 20.5 inch yarn found on top of Kimberley's pillow
  • 1 yarn found under Kimberley's pillow
  • 3 yarns found on top of Kimberley's bed

Kristen's bedroom:

2 total fibers (1 thread and 1 yarn)
  • 1 thread found under Kristen's bedcovers
  • 1 yarn found under Kristen's bedcovers

Hallway floor:

  • 1 pajama fiber

Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, and Hall bathroom:

  • None

In addition, fibers were found in the following locations:

  • 2 pajama seam threads found on the club
  • 1 bloody pajama seam thread found twisted with a bloody head hair from Colette was found in the multi-colored bedspread
  • Several pajama fibers were found on the blue bedsheet
  • A pajama fiber was found under Kristen's fingernail
  • A pajama fiber was found on Colette's body
  • Several pajama fibers were found on Jeffrey MacDonald's robe