Conversations with Callahan

Christina Masewicz

I first contacted Christina Masewicz on May 20, 2004.  Christina has communicated with a number of the main players in this case and she has a website that contains a mass of documentation ranging from Court transcripts to CID/FBI reports.  Since our initial contact, she has been willing to share her insights on the case.  This includes her thoughts on the case evidence and several key figures in this case.

Regarding the investigators in this case, Christina describes William Ivory as an outspoken person who enjoys life and having fun.  She adds that Ivory has vivid memories of what he found at the crime scene that will remain with him for the rest of his life.  Christina stated that Robert Shaw was a tall man, and a good investigator.  She reserved her most glowing comments for Peter Kearns.  She states that Kearns is passionate about this case, that he is not afraid to voice his convictions, and advised her that when researching this case she should KISS (e.g., Keep It Simple Stupid).  She added that Kearns is a good man and that she was proud to call him her friend.

Christina also provided me with insights on the personalities of Brian Murtagh and James Blackburn.  She describes Murtagh as a very quiet man who remains in the background and rarely provides statements to the press.  Murtagh has sent her several documents which included Judge Fox's 1999 decision on DNA testing protocol, and Murtagh's verbal and written responses to the defense team's arguments to the parole board in 2005.  She acknowledges that Murtagh still knows all of the CID and FBI exhibit numbers by heart.  Christina states that James Blackburn is a kind man, a gentleman, and that he remains convinced that the trial verdict was a fair one.

Christina has provided MacDonald case researchers with trial and grand jury transcripts, lab notes, and interview/interrogation transcripts.  Knowledge is power, and digesting this material has certainly filled in the gaps for me, and has allowed me to defend my position on this case with supreme confidence.