About Me

Hello, everyone.  My name is Philip Callahan.  I'm a private citizen, family man, and a collector of research material regarding one of the most litigated murder cases in the history of American law.

In 1979, Jeffrey MacDonald was convicted of murdering his pregnant wife and two young daughters on February 17, 1970.  Joe McGinniss' Fatal Vision was the driving force behind my fascination with this case.  I've corresponded with several individuals who have worked on this case in some form or fashion.  Christina Masewicz, Fred Bost, Dennis Rogers and Janice Glisson have all provided me with unique insights into this brutal crime.

The purpose of this website is to focus on the documented record.  For the past decade, case propaganda and hype have overshadowed the documented record.  Therefore, I'm going to place an emphasis on undiluted fact.  This website will present the evidence in text form.  It is my hope that this will provide an impetus for some to look at the actual source documentation on this website.  Discovering the truth in this case was an arduous process, but in the end, the journey was well worth the effort.