CID Records

December 30, 1971

Case Progress File re: Interview of Helena Stoeckley by Richard Mahon and Robert Bidwell


1255-1350 - Interviewed Stoeckley at County Court House, Fayetteville, North Carolina.  She recommended that we meet her there.  During the interview, she didn't tell us much more than she did yesterday, 29 December 1970.  She admitted being a narcotic "head" for about five years; she couldn't recall where she was at any time after 0130 hrs, 17 February 1970, except to say that she had gotten into a blue (NFI) automobile (owned by an unidentified member of her hippie commune) and had driven off alone.  She didn't know where she went...because she had taken a quantity of mescaline at 1230 (0030) hrs that night.  Stoeckley stated that she had thought it over and had decided that she would not take a polygraph examination.  When asked, she stated that she would not voluntarily give us fingerprints or let us photograph her.  She indicated that she really wasn't certain whether or not she had been at the MacDonald residence on the night of 17 February 1970 and felt that she could only hurt herself by cooperating with us.  She would not furnish any further information at this time except to say that she wasn't certain of her returning to college at Nashville, Tennessee.  She stated that she might go to California or "some place." During the interview, she stated that she had never met Captain and/or Mrs. MacDonald, although she did say that she heard of him through his treatment of drug users.  She commented on his lack of knowledge concerning drugs and and that he did not know how to deal with drug users but she refused to furnish any names or elaborate further.

1415 - Proceeded to Police Department, Fayetteville, where we learned that Stoeckley (AKA: Margie Worlie Raymor, F, White, Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, Single, 5'5" 124 lbs, DOB 7 June 52) had been arrested at Fayetteville on 8 September 1970 on charges of Trespassing; posted $200.00 bond.  No final disposition indicated.  Obtained copy of a photograph of Stoeckley and also borrowed an original fingerprint card from the I. D. Bureau.  We promised to return the card at a future date and also told the P. D. that we would send them a copy of DA Form 19-31, Evidence Receipt ASAP.