Affidavits, Declarations and Statements

November 12, 2009


Exhibit 1 USACIL Serology Bench Note marked "9 March 70 JSG"
Exhibit 2 USACIL Bench Notes pertaining to Report R-11, marked "27 July 70 JSG"
Exhibit 3 Photo #311 from Government's Photographic Submissions ("GPS"), depicting top of vial marked "7 JSG"
Exhibit 4 Photo #312, GPS, depicting bottom of vial (#7) marked "BJH 17 Feb 70"
Exhibit 5 USACIL Bench Note marked "9 March 70, DOB, Hairs & Fibers"
Exhibit 6 USACIL Inventory of Evidence to be Examined marked "P-C-FP-82-70 26 Feb 70 CSC"
Exhibit 7 Photo #314, GPS, depicting ruled piece of paper removed from vial #7 bearing writing: "Fingernail scrapings left hand smaller female McDonald (sic)"
Exhibit 8 Photo #288, GPS, depicting Styrofoam container with paper marked "Mother area around mouth-DOB and Q100 JCF"
Exhibit 9 Photo #289, GPS, depicting open Styrofoam container with paper bearing hand written notation "hair originally..."
Exhibit 10 USACIL Bench Note (Janice Glisson) pertaining to Report R-29
Exhibit 11 USACIL Laboratory Report "R-29", 20 Sept 71
Exhibit 12 USACIL Preliminary Laboratory Report Number FA-D-P-C-FP-82-70, Fort Gordon, Georgia, dated "6 Apr 70"
Exhibit 13 USACIL Consolidated Laboratory Report No, FA-D-P-C-82-70 (March 29, 1972)
Exhibit 14 Undated USACIL Serology Results Summary Chart marked "Inc1 5"
Exhibit 15 Undated USACIL Summary Chart of Exhibits Given To Dillard O. Browning, marked "Incl 6"
Exhibit 16 Photo #156,GPS, depicting glass microscope slide "from Vial No.7"
Exhibit 17 USACIL Bench Note Seroloqy Test "Summary - JSG"