Conversations with Callahan

Janice Glisson

In 1970, Janice Glisson worked as a chemist for the CID at Fort Gordon.  Glisson analyzed most of the blood evidence and some of the hair evidence found at 544 Castle Drive . . . Read more

Dennis Rogers

I corresponded with Dennis Rogers via e-mail on January 24, 2005 and spoke with him on the phone on April 24, 2007.  Rogers began as a newspaper reporter in 1971, and the North Carolina native has written for the Raleigh News & Observer since 1976 . . . Read more

Christina Masewicz

I first contacted Christina Masewicz on May 20, 2004 . . . Read more

Fred Bost

In the spring of 1999, I had several discussions about the MacDonald case with author Fred Bost.  Bost was initially wary of conversing about the case because he felt burned by several reporters who had contacted him since the publication of his book . . . Read more